Benefits of Direct Hire Recruiting #1: Access to Skilled Talent

Overcome the Challenges of Tight Labor Market
When candidates are scarce, your business may face a growing number of unfilled positions. Open seats often lead to disruption and delays. In response, your company might react by hiring good enough candidates (rather than high performers) just to fill positions as quickly as possible. When you use direct hire recruiting, skilled staffing professionals work diligently to locate applicants for hard-to-fill management roles as well as niche positions with complex technical requirements. This shortens your search time and allows you to focus on adding the right employees to your roster.

Start with Qualified Leads
Maybe you are familiar with this scenario? Your company receives an amazing resume and you set up an interview ASAP. Unfortunately, when you meet the applicant you are less than impressed. The candidate’s skills and experiences are not what you expected. Now, your team has lost time on an unsuccessful interview and you are back to square one, sorting resumes. This situation is both counterproductive and frustrating. On the other hand, an employment agency will prescreen applicants through both skill assessments and expert interview techniques. Talent acquisition specialists will source, research and verify candidates before they show up at your door. Rather than wasting resources on unqualified applicants, your organization begins the hiring process with the best people the market has to offer.

Choose from a Larger Candidate Pool
Staffing firms are in the hiring and recruiting business day in and day out. As a result, they maintain large databases of both passive and active candidates. Your perfect employee may never apply through a job board, but they may be thrilled to join your company when a recruiter outlines all the opportunities you offer. Instead of choosing between a few good prospects pulled from in-house recruiting, your organization can gain access to top-level, game-changing employees with a track record of success.

Would You Like to Learn More About Direct Hire Recruiting?
Keep reading our blog series on the benefits of direct hiring. Upcoming topics include job market knowledge and culture fit.

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