Benefits of Direct Hire Recruiting #3: Avoiding a Bad Culture Fit

Hiring can be difficult. You discover a fantastic applicant with the right education and the right skills, but somehow, they don’t quite gel with your team.

Culture fit can be as important as skill set. And finding the perfect candidate often presents a challenge. Fortunately, direct hire recruiting can help.

Bring In the Right Applicants by Selling Your Brand

We’re all familiar with famous brands like Apple, Southwest Airlines and Disney. Many job seekers would love to join these companies, and they have a fairly good idea of what it might be like to work there. Building a recognizable brand is more difficult for mid-sized and small organizations. This is where a staffing service can assist. An expert recruiter can spend time at your business and get a feel for your company culture. This, in turn, allows them to advertise the top selling points of your organization to potential candidates. Are you innovative or traditional? Are you fun-loving or more serious? As your recruiter highlights the top qualities of your business, they will encourage the best-fit candidates to apply and the poor-fit candidates to look elsewhere.

Professionally Evaluate Candidates for Good Fit
Recruiting and hiring are very time-consuming. You may find yourself too busy to thoroughly evaluate every applicant who walks through your door. After all, you need to consider educational requirements, skills and work ethic as well as culture fit. However, employment agencies hire day in and day out. Recruiters have the resources to perform extensive screening from skill assessments to personality tests. These professional tools, administered by experts, can help you take the guesswork out of hiring.

Design a Competitive Compensation Package to Attract Top Employees

Finding your top choice is only the beginning of the hiring process. Now, you need to convince this individual to join your team. And, unfortunately, money isn’t always the answer. Staffing service professionals are familiar with current market trends and the competition for available talent. They can provide insider insights and assist you in creating attractive compensation packages that match your company culture. Benefits may range from traditional perks such as retirement plans to more current trends such as flextime. By preplanning and aligning compensation with your organization’s goals, you can make offers quickly, generate interest from the best-fit candidates and avoid losing your first-choice hire to your competitor.

Could Direct Hire Recruiting Be the Right Choice for Your Company?

To learn more about direct hire recruiting, read previous posts in our ongoing blog series, Benefits of Direct Hire Recruiting: #1 Access Skilled Talent and #2 Job Market Knowledge. Or, give us a call at United Talent Staffing Services today! We would be happy to review available options and opportunities so you can hire smarter and faster.

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