5 Positives to Working the Weekend Shift

Although many people believe a Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 job is ideal, reality can be quite different. What if you end up working the weekend shift? Don’t worry. This less traditional schedule has many advantages too.  

Days Off During the Week  

Your exact schedule will depend on your company and your industry. Some people work twelve-hour shifts Friday through Sunday and are off Monday through Thursday. Others come in on a Saturday or Sunday in exchange for a weekday. In either case, you may realize you enjoy the flexibility of not having to report to work midweek. For example, if you have Tuesdays off, you could watch Monday night football to your heart’s content and not worry about getting up the next morning.    

Easier Errands  

Stores and other businesses usually are less busy during the week. You may find without traffic, lines, and the weekend rush, you can finish your errands in half the time and with half the hassle. The same goes for appointments. While everyone else is trying to book Saturday and evening slots, you can breeze in on a weekday afternoon.      

Less Traffic  

Most likely, your commute will be easier on the weekends. If you live in a high traffic area, this saved time can add up quickly. Let’s say a weekday drive would take an hour, but you can cut this to 45 minutes on the weekend. Over a year, driving to work every Monday would take 52 hours (52 weeks x 1 hour) while driving to work every Saturday would take 39 hours (52 weeks x .75 hour). Just by working one weekend day, you’ve given yourself an extra 13 hours of free time.  

A Quieter, More Productive Work Environment  

When companies run seven days a week, they tend to be short-staffed on weekends. Many people find fewer coworkers equals fewer interruptions. You may discover you get twice as much work done on a Saturday or Sunday as compared to a Tuesday or a Thursday.    

Extra Money  

Some jobs pay either overtime or a higher rate on weekends. Especially if you are looking to save money or earn extra income, working the weekend shift could be a great deal. When you see that larger paycheck, you may not mind getting up on Saturday mornings after all.   

Could Working the Weekend Shift Be Right for You?  

The correct answer depends. If you don’t have family obligations or school-aged children (or even if you do), a less traditional schedule may work fine. But before you commit, talk things over with everyone in your household. Weekend shifts can be trying at times, so you want to make sure you have full support for your decision.     

Are You Hoping to Switch to Another Shift?  

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