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Benefits of Direct Hire Recruiting #8: Stronger Employee Commitment

Is your organization struggling to find the right people? A staffing service can assist you in finding not only qualified candidates but also committed employees. Here’s how direct hire recruiting will help you build a stronger team.  

Start with a Larger Talent Pool  

When you are hiring on your own, you probably will have a limited reach. You can advertise to active job seekers on job boards and social media, and you may receive referrals from your current employees. In most cases, that’s pretty much it. However, professional recruiters have extensive networks of both active and passive job seekers as well as databases full of past and present applicants. The more people you can choose from, the less likely you’ll end up just filling the position with a good enough candidate. After all, your business is searching for the right skill set along with the right personality. Often, that combination is not easy to find.   

Bring In Only the Best-Fit Applicants  

As your hiring partner, an employment agency will work with you to understand, define, and attract the exact person you wish to add to your team. They will help you 1) Write a clear and specific job description, 2) Build enthusiasm for your brand and the job3) Design a competitive compensation packageand 4) Screen applicantsHow does all preplanning benefit your company? By the time you start the interview process, you’ll be looking exclusively at talented, interested, and good-fit applicants. Therefore, you won’t waste time on people who are unlikely to work out in the long term.  

Encourage Loyalty with Long-Term Opportunities  

Many businesses have a good track record with temp-to-hire. Indeed, this can be an effective recruiting solution. But if you are hoping for longevity and dedication, direct hire is a smarter choice. Passive job seekers (who often bring more experience and stability) usually won’t switch out of a permanent placement to a temporary one. In all fairness, most people don’t want to take the risk. Also, temporary placements are tricky because they start with a condition. “We’ll hire you IF we like you.” Since that doesn’t sound like much of a commitment on the company’s part, employees may respond by continuing to job search elsewhere. With the direct-hire, there are no conditions. Candidates hear, “We love you! We want to offer you a permanent position.” This is a better way to begin a lasting relationship because the new employee feels like a valued member of the team from day one.    

Are You Ready to Give Direct Hiring Recruiting a Try?  

United Talent Staffing Services places industrial workers, medical staff, and office professionals. Our expert recruiters would be happy to speak with you about the best hiring and recruiting solutions for your organization. Contact us todayand let’s chat! 

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