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How to Become an Expert Sales Negotiator

Whether you are in sales or wish you were in sales, being a top negotiator can help you build your career. Are you ready to improve your skills? Follow these tips to become an expert sales negotiator. 

Know Your Stuff

To best serve your customersfirst, you should have a firm grasp of your complete product line along with price points. Not only will this allow you to present solutions compellingly, but also to provide alternatives when your customers encounter problems. For example, if someone feels your top-tier service is overly comprehensive, keep their attention by showing them other options more in line with their needs.        

Understand the Buying Cycle

The buying, sales, or marketing cycle is the process buyers go through when making a purchase. The steps include awareness, consideration, purchase, and after-sale. Recognize where your customer is in this process. If they are in the awareness stage, they are doing their research and comparing products. Pushing them to make a quick purchase at this point will most likely scare them away. 

Listen to the Customer

When you’re focused on your sales pitch, it’s easy to do most of the talking. However, then you won’t find out what the customer wants. Take the time to listen, ask questions, and rephrase statements to check for understanding. As Chris Harder, founder and CEO of For the Love of Money, observes, you’ll get insider information about how to close the deal if you let the customer do most of the talking. (CNBC2017) 

Give More Than You Receive

If you walked away feeling like you crushed the customer, they probably think that way too. And, who wants to lose? According to best-selling author and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, “It may seem counterintuitive, but in any business deal, I always try to leave a little bit on the table for the other side.” Vaynerchuk refers to this as his 51/49 rule. In other words, he tries to bring 51 percent of the value to all his relationships. (CNBC, 2017) 

Watch Your Body Language

You may think you are negotiating a fantastic deal. After all, you are interested in the customer and listening to their concerns. Unfortunately, your non-verbal cues might be saying something completely different. For instance, a forced smile suggests insincerity, while crossed arms indicate disagreement. Subconsciously or consciously, others will notice these signs and possibly misinterpret your message. Be aware of body language mistakes and work to correct them so you can communicate more effectively.      

Perfect Your Technique

Indeed, some people are born with a talent for sales. Nevertheless, to become a true expert practice is critical. This includes reflection, analysis, and ongoing use of various strategies.  


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