Balancing a Physical Job and Working Out

Your work keeps you active, but you want to stay in shape too. What’s the trick to balancing a physical job and working out? Use these five strategies to create the healthiest version of you. 

Don’t Assume Your Job Replaces Your Workout

Having a physical job can be beneficial. After all, you are burning more calories and staying more active than someone who sits at a desk all day. However, your fitness level will plateau very quickly. Think about it. The first few weeks may be extremely challenging, but eventually, you’ll get strong enough to handle a typical day. And, that’s it. On the other hand, a well-designed exercise program allows you to continually improve your overall fitness levelWhen you’ve achieved one goal, you can push yourself further by adding weights, running farther, or trying out different activities.       

Schedule Your Workouts Around Your Job

Even though working out is essential, be careful not to overdo it. Your body can’t tell the difference between the physical activity of your job and the physical activity of your workout. Both will burn energy and make you tired. Therefore, come up with a reasonable schedule. For example, if you just spent eight hours moving heavy boxes, heading to the gym may not be the best idea. Try to exercise on one of your days off instead.          

Train Smarter

Since you’ve been active all day on the job, your workouts can be less comprehensive. Think about what you’ve done and supplement according. For instance, if you do lots of lifting, bending, and twisting, training your core muscles could help you avoid back injuries. Whereas, if you walk miles as part of your everyday routineyou don’t need to spend thirty minutes on the treadmill. Check out this article for more advice on designing an effective exercise program when you work in manual labor.   

Add Other Healthy Habits to Your Routine

Of course, exercise is only one part of a healthy lifestyle. Be sure you are getting enough sleepeating a healthy diet, and drinking enough water. Healthy habits are extra important when you have a physical job because you need lots of energy and endurance to get through your day. 

Listen to Your Body

Sometimes you won’t feel like working out, and sometimes you’ll be too exhausted to work out. Understand the difference between these two situations, so you can either kick yourself off the couch or give yourself a much-needed rest. Also, if you are feeling sore or achy, try adding resistance training and stretching to your routine. Making your body stronger is a smart way to counteract the stresses of a manual labor job.         

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