5 Tips to Combat Employee Complacency

Motivated and energetic employees push companies to succeed and excel. So, what if your team is doing exactly what they’re asked and nothing more? Use these tips to combat employee complacency and bring enthusiasm back to the workplace. 

Provide Purpose

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up excited to go to work because you are doing remarkable things? Give your employees this gift of purpose. Show them HOW they are making a difference in the world. Indeed, this is easier for some occupations than others, but we need all types of workers from entrepreneurs to janitors. Explain to your team why they are an important part of the bigger picture. Or better yet, let them meet the people they are helping.

Remove Obstacles

Often people fall into complacency because they feel as though they have no power to make changes. If you overhear comments like, “No one will let me,” or “This is the way we’ve always done it,” your employees are struggling with roadblocks. Clear the path for innovation by encouraging fresh perspectives and creative thinking. Then, test out your employee’s best ideas and put those that work into practice.

Offer Opportunities

Sometimes jobs can feel rote and routine, especially in the long term. To prevent boredom, inspire your employees to challenge themselves every day. Make professional development part of your corporate culture and provide ongoing opportunities. These may include stretch assignmentsupskilling, continuing education, workshops, and conferences. Also, consider switching things up. For example, if you ask employees to learn about other departmentsthey will have a better understanding of the entire business.

Encourage Growth

Even when you offer opportunities for growth, some employees will need a little nudge. Begin by examining your organization’s feedback process. Although many companies use annual performance reviews, these can be unhelpful. Individuals tend to receive old news, such as “wonderful job on that project five months ago,” as well as limited suggestions for improvement. Instead, try applying a more fluid coaching strategy. As situations arise, let people know what they are doing well now and what they could do to become better at their jobs starting today     

Celebrate Expertise

Knowing more about something than everyone else makes us feel important. And according to author John Shook, “Every person in an organization has the right to be the company’s top expert at something.” Find the specialists in your organization and inspire them to use and spread their knowledge. Mentorship programs are a fantastic way for your experts to become teachers and for all your employees to become lifelong learners.  


Are You Hoping to Combat Employee Complacency by Building a Stronger Team?

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