5 Reasons You Should Consider Temp-to-Hire

Your company is looking to fill open positions. Should you start recruiting from scratch? Or, should you consider hiring one of your temps? Here are five reasons why temp-to-hire candidates are a smart choice. 

Temp-to-Hire Employees Are a Known Quantity

Unfortunately, hiring can be riskyLet’s say you find the perfect candidate who aces the interview, so you enthusiastically hire her or him. Then, you discover s/he has an attendance problem. Uh-oh.

On the other hand, temp-to-hire candidates take the guesswork out of hiring. You’ve observed these individuals in action and on the jobTherefore, you have first-hand knowledge of their skills, capabilities, and work ethic before you add them to your full-time roster.    

Temp-to-Hire Workers Understand Your Culture

Hiring isn’t only about skill set. You need to find the right personality too. Once again, this can be difficult to evaluate in a traditional interview. However, temp-to-hire candidates have lived your corporate culture. You know how well they fit in, and they have had a chance to discover if this is a place they would like to work. This information allows everyone to make more educated decisions when offering/accepting a job.  

Temp-to-Hire Employees Require Less Training

During their time at your organization, temporary workers have learned the ropes. They are familiar with your workplace, and they know how to get their job done. Certainly, you’ll want to provide additional onboarding when they become permanent staff. But even so, they’ll be able to become fully productive much faster than a brand-new hire. 

Temp-to-Hire Workers Aren’t as Likely to Job Hop.

Not only are you testing out temporary employees but also, they are testing out your company. As a result, they probably won’t leave after a few days because “The job wasn’t what they expected.” Temporary candidates already understand what the role involves. If they weren’t happy during their assignment, they’d move on to something else. This saves both you and them the hassle of recovering from a wrong choice.

Temp-to-Hire Programs Can Boost Employee Morale

Temporary assignments are tough. Workers must adjust to new environments, and often they have no idea what their next job may be. Temp-to-hire programs offer hope. If someone enjoys working at your organization and if they are a good fit, they may have the opportunity to join your team. This can be an excellent source of motivation for individuals who are looking to advance. And, it can help your organization gain a reputation as a great place to temp too. 


Are You Ready to Consider a Temp-to-Hire Strategy?

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