Flu & Cold Season: 5 Tips to Keep the Germs Out of the Office

Flu and cold season is here. Are you trying to keep your employees healthy? Use these five tips to keep the germs out of the office. 

Encourage Everyone to Get the Flu Shot

According to WebMDthe single best way to avoid the flu is to get the flu shotAlthough the early fall is the best time to get vaccinated, any time in the winter is fine too. If your organization is large enough, your health insurance provider may be willing to send a nurse directly to your site; however, if this isn’t an option, post or email a list of convenient flu shot locations. Most drug stores and pharmacies accept walk-ins, and some even offer additional in-store coupons and discounts.   

Promote Handwashing

Regular handwashing prevents illness by removing germs, and this protects both individuals and the people around them. To encourage handwashing, stock your restrooms with adequate supplies of soap and paper towels. Also, considering hanging ”Don’t Spread Germs at Work signs on bathroom doors as an extra reminder.

Place Hand Sanitizer Around the Office

Although not as effective as handwashing, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol is the next best defense against germs. Buy a case of hand sanitizer to get your office through the winter months. Then put bottles in strategic locations such as in the break room, in the kitchen, and at conference tables. 


Provide Cleaning Supplies

Did you know the average office desktop can be dirtier than a toilet seat? Yuck! Combat bugs by urging your employees to disinfect their workspaces regularly. Purchase sanitizing wipes for surfaces and electronics-friendly disinfectants, air dusters, and soft-bristled brushes for keyboards. For more tips on adequately cleaning electronics, check out this How to Clean Your Keyboard guide. 

Ask Sick Employees to Stay Home

Many employees believe they must report to work no matter what. Unfortunately, this is a terrible idea. Not only will this individual be underproductive but also, they will put their coworkers at a higher risk of getting sick. In other words, everybody loses. Rather than giving your employees a hard time when they aren’t feeling well, promote a “stay at home if you have the flu” policy. If someone does show up sick, tell them you will cover for them so they can home and get some rest. 


Are You Looking for More Healthy Workplace Tips?

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