Benefits of Direct Hire Recruiting #9: We Save You Time and Money

Has your company ever considered hiring through an employment agency? Especially in a tight labor marketpartnering with a staffing service can be a fantastic option. Here’s how direct hire recruiting will save you time and money. 

How Direct Hire Recruiting Will Save You Time

Only Meet with Qualified Applicants

At some point, you’ve probably advertised a position, sorted resumes and conducted interviews, and then discovered NO ONE was a good matchSo, you had to start over. How frustrating and time-consuming! A staffing agency allows you to avoid this aggravating situation by presenting you with only the most qualified applicants. Since recruiters have extensive networks of both active and passive candidates, they can pull from a much larger talent pool. This means you’ll find the right fit the first time.  

Outsource Advertising, Screening and More  

Staffing services understand how to hire effectively and efficiently. It’s what they do best. A professional recruiter can analyze the position you need to be filled, write an engaging job description, advertise the role in the appropriate locations, sort through resumesprescreen candidates, and present you with four or five of the best-fit optionsIn fact, in some cases, an employment agency will take care of the interview process as well. When you add up all that work, think of the time you’ll save. 

How Direct Hire Recruiting Will Save You Money

Reduce Time-to-Fill

Having a long-term empty seat in your organization can be problematic and expensive. Your current workforce may have to cover extra duties resulting in increased overtime and decreased morale. Of course, this leads to lower productivity and lower profits too. A staffing agency will help you speed up your time-to-fill even for those niche or hard-to-fill positions. So, when you lose an essential employee, you’ll have options rather than tough times ahead.  

Avoid Bad Hires

Sometimes that superstar candidate turns into a subpar employee. And ultimately, this hurts your bottom lineZappos CEO, Tony Hsieh, once famously stated bad hires had cost his company “well over $100 million.” Bringing the wrong person into your organization creates a domino effect of disengagement, turnover, and unhappy customers. A staffing service will assist you in identifying the right skill set as well as the right culture fit. Therefore, you are bringing in employees who are a good match from day one.  

Is Your Company Ready to Experience the Benefits of Direct Hire Recruiting?

Let United Talent Staffing Services save your organization time and money with our comprehensive direct hire recruiting solutions. We place highly skilled full-time employees and proven executive leaders throughout West Virginia, the Tri-State region, and the Greater Atlanta area. Contact us to request your next top employee today! 

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