ATTN WV JOB SEEKERS: West Virginia Governor Jim Justice has issued an executive order requiring that a face covering (“mask”) be worn at all times in public indoor spaces. This mandatory statewide requirement is in force at all United Talent branches.

Benefits of Direct Hire Recruiting #9: We Save You Time and Money

Has your company ever considered hiring through an employment agency? Especially in a tight labor market, partnering with a staffing service can be a fantastic option. Here’s how direct hire recruiting will save you time and money.  How Direct Hire Recruiting Will Save You Time Only Meet with Qualified Applicants At some point, you’ve probably advertised a position, sorted resumes and conducted interviews, and then discovered NO ONE was a good match. So, you… Read More »

6 Questions Accountants Are Likely to Get Asked In An Interview

You’re looking for an accounting job, and you have an upcoming interview. That’s great! Now, it’s time to prepare. Here are six questions accountants are likely to get asked along with tips for crafting the best responses.    Which Accounting Platforms Are Familiar to You? Ideally, the platform you have worked on is the same one the company uses. However, the reality isn’t always that simple. Therefore, display your familiarity… Read More »

Does Your Company Have a Clear Safety Reporting System?

What if there’s an accident or a near-miss at your plant? Does your company have a clear safety reporting system in place? If not, here’s what you need to know.  Reasons to Have a Clear Safety Reporting System  It’s the Law The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires organizations with more than ten employees to keep a record of serious work-related… Read More »

5 Reasons You Should Consider Temp-to-Hire

Your company is looking to fill open positions. Should you start recruiting from scratch? Or, should you consider hiring one of your temps? Here are five reasons why temp-to-hire candidates are a smart choice.  Temp-to-Hire Employees Are a Known Quantity Unfortunately, hiring can be risky. Let’s say you find the perfect candidate who aces the interview, so you enthusiastically hire her or him. Then, you discover s/he has… Read More »

How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution & Find that New Job

Maybe your job isn’t quite right. Or, perhaps it’s all wrong. You know you should look for something else, but you’re not sure where to start. Use these five steps to stick to your New Year’s resolution and find that new job.  Brush Off Your Resume Even if you’re applying for a warehouse or a light industrial position, a well-written resume can improve your chances of landing… Read More »

Benefits of Direct Hire Recruiting #8: Stronger Employee Commitment

Is your organization struggling to find the right people? A staffing service can assist you in finding not only qualified candidates but also committed employees. Here’s how direct hire recruiting will help you build a stronger team.   Start with a Larger Talent Pool   When you are hiring on your own, you probably will have a… Read More »

3 Tips to Get Your “Sick” Employees Into Work and Off the Couch

Even the best of us need a mental health day from time to time. But, what about those employees who continuously are calling in sick? What can you do to discourage these seemingly fake illnesses?  Attendance policies can be complicated, and they usually vary from company to company. So, make sure your workers know and… Read More »

Is a Temp-to-Hire Position a Smart Career Move for You?

You may have been looking for a full-time, permanent placement, but a temp-to-hire job came along. Should you accept it? The answer depends, but you should give it a second thought.  Some people shy away from temporary positions because they are short term. However, they often provide long-term career-building potential. Here are five top advantages of temp-to-hire. … Read More »

3 Positive Effects An Organized Office Space Will Have On Your Brain

If your workspace is a disaster, you might think you’re in good company. After all, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and Steve Jobs all had messy desks.   But did you know? Multiple studies show a clean and organized space can be beneficial for your brain. Here are three positive results of keeping things tidy.  Increase Productivity A messy desk can make you less efficient. This probably sounds… Read More »

Tips to Avoid Looking Desperate In Your Next Manufacturing Interview

Sometimes job searches don’t go as planned, and this may leave you feeling … well, desperate. However, no matter how many setbacks you’ve have, you want to approach every interview with confidence.   If you’re nervous about landing a manufacturing job, follow these five tips to keep anxiety out of your employment search.   Remind Yourself What You Have… Read More »